Billy Shears

I really need to do some sort of substance if I’m going to continue all of this.

I’m getting do sick of people thinking they can change me and people telling me that I need to do things differently. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to turn me into some girly girl obnoxious thing and I don’t want to wear a corset and booty shorts to work. You all knew from the very beginning how I am so why are you trying to change me? Like what the actual fuck. I’m but lady like, I like to go to shows, and hangout and run around and dress comfortably. I’m sorry that it’s not what you think is best, but you don’t know what’s best for me so just stop.


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"Talk dirty to me"





This is possibly the greatest thing I have seen on the internet.


He really molded young, impressionable minds. Or did they mold him?


repeat after me

  • what others say about me does not change who i am
  • my past does not have to change who i am
  • i will learn from my mistakes and not dwell on them
  • i will wake up every day expecting a fresh start
  • i will stop calculating my worth using my weight, my gpa, or other irrelevant numbers
  • i will find things to love about myself